HYDROLIA unites the vast experience of established experts from the water sector and combines their deep knowledge in order to support the processes of water services management. This includes analysis, design, construction, installation and maintenance of equipment, as well as application of specific technologies for long- term operations of the existing water assets.


To manage responsibly the water supply and sanitation assets of our customers.

How we do that:

  • Synergy amongst well-proven professionals in the water industry.
  • A combination of knowledge and long-term experience in the area of water processes and assets.
  • Competent and reliable solutions for the specific needs of our customers.
  • Efficiency in the operation and maintenance of water assets.
  • Long-term partnerships.
Hydrolia vision


To become regional water operator with tailor-made solutions for efficient management and development of industrial water supply and sanitation systems.


  • Useful
  • Open
  • Adaptive
  • Correct
  • Creative
Hydrolia values