HYDROLIA is your preferred partner for integrated water service management

Every day over two million tons of waste is discharged of into the fresh water sources globally. More than 70% of the industrial waste worldwide is contaminating the natural water reservoirs and hence the water supply systems.

The water is more valuable resource than ever and if we do not use it wisely we are putting at risk the sustainable development of our planet.

The expectations are that in the next decades the demand for fresh water will increase dramatically, which puts urgently the business, being the largest water consumer, under enormous pressure for reinventing the way it is managing its water assets.

In order to meet the challenges that lie ahead of the industrial customers we have created HYDROLIA offering a completely new model of partnership for sustainable management of water services.


HYDROLIA is covering the specific needs of each customer for efficient management and integrated maintenance of the existing water supply and sanitation assets.

HYDROLIA offers long terms partnerships including different forms of financial instruments which may be needed for the required investment.