HYDROLIA AD offers integrated solutions and services for operations and maintenance of water supply and sanitation assets and processes including support activities like analysis, planning, construction and project management.

At HYDROLIA we consider the water services of the industrial customers not only as a complex of operational processes, but as a series of technical, financial and managerial decisions.

Initially we would like to analyze your existing assets and equipment, then we propose and implement efficiency measures, often being fully responsible for the entire investment process.
We offer best practices and water and energy audits, performance-based contracts and specific technical solutions. We aim at reducing your operational expenditures, increasing the reliability of your water systems and at the same time providing environmental sustainability.


Data collection and data analysis.

Field surveys of water supply and sanitation infrastructure including tracking, CCTV surveys etc.

Digitalization of information – plans, GIS solutions, asset registers.

Critical assets identification and operation and maintenance plan.

Assets condition surveys using proprietary methodology developed by HYDROLIA AD

Measuring campaigns for water service main parameters – flow, pressure, quality at critical points.

Non-revenue water identification, sewerage network infiltration.

Energy-efficiency audits of water assets including pumps, air blowers etc.

Water-demand survey at specific industrial processes.

Water audits and water balance


Preventative maintenance of water infrastructure.

Reactive maintenance based on contracts with predefined levels of service, including reaction time.

Operations of all types of water- supply and sanitation assets, including water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations etc.

Performance-based contracts in the areas of non-revenue water, reactive maintenance cost reduction, reducing reaction time etc.

Systematic monitoring of certain parameters, design, implementation and maintenance of SCADA systems.

Water-equipment automation.


Contractual maintenance of water infrastructure based on levels of service, achieving reliability.

Achieving compliance with technical requirements, good practices and environmental requirements.

Integrated corporate and social responsibilities and solutions in the area of water management.

Stakeholders management, including basin directorates, water operators, state or municipal agencies.


Preparation and management of internal investment programmes for water and sanitation assets.

Feasibility studies, optioneering and recommendations.

Basic and detailed designing, supervision.

Construction, installation and commissioning of water assets.

Lifecycle cost analysis of water related investment.

Preparation of water efficiency projects as a part of larger energy/resource efficiency projects, European financing schemes.

Individual solutions for water supply (wells, alternative water lines, storm water, reuse).

Trenchless technologies for construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure.