Blagoy Kozarev

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Blagoy KozarevBlagoy Kozarev is a board member of Raicommerce Construction EAD – a utility construction company.

He is a deputy chairman and a board member of the Bulgarian Water Association as well as a deputy chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technologies. Not least Blagoy is a board member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and a chairman of the Hydro-technical construction section in the chamber.

Two years after completing his Master’s Degree in the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”, Blagoy started his career in the family business of Raicommerce Construction EAD. For a couple of years he covered all major hierarchical levels and gained rich experience and knowledge for each of the specific activities in the company.

Under his management in 1996 Raicommerce implemented trenchless technologies for the first time on the Bulgarian market. At the moment the company is a leader on the domestic construction market in using trenchless technologies.

In 2005 Blagoy Kozarev took the role of Managing Director of Raicommerce Construction EAD. The experience gained over the years and the qualification degree from the European Management Centre (Strategy corporate management, Staff management and Project management) helped him grow the company from a relatively small family business into one of the leading construction companies in the WSS sector in Bulgaria.

In 2008 Blagoy moved to the role of a General Manager and eng. Ivan Mollov took the executive management of the already well-established construction company. The split in the management functions helped eng. Kozarev focus on the strategic long-term planning of the company development as well as major initiatives in the WSS sector in the country.

It was exactly after this moment that some of the most substantial projects of Raicommerce Construction EADwere implemented:

2006: the first trenchless project in Bulgaria using the micro-tunneling method. The project was part of Sofia metro wider project. It included tunneling at the impossible so-far depth of 9 meters in urban environment using a pipe of DN 600

  • 2007: 10 km of sewerage in Belovo Municipality
  • 2008: Projects in Rakitovo, Bregovo and Bankso municipalities with more than 40 km of pipes replaced or newly built.
  • 2009: 20 km of trunk main DN 1200 in Russe Municipality.
  • 2010: Svilengrad – Sstage 1 – 20 km of a distribution network in urban environment: using trenchless technologies the project was completed for less than 3 months!
  • 2010: Kjustendil – rehabilitation and expansion of 44 km of water mains and 17 km of sewers.
  • 2013: Svilengrad – stage 2 – Wastewater Treatment Plant, 9 km of water mains and 12 km of sewerage.
  • 2014: Byala Slatina – Wastewater Treatment Plant, 9 km of water mains and 12 km of sewerage.
  • 2014: Kostinbrod – rehabilitation and extention of the water-supply and sewerage networks. The biggest urban water cycle in Bulgaria so far.

The experience of Blagoy as well as his solid positions in the sector combined with the strategic view over the industry and high personal commitment will be instrumental for the development of HYDROLIA as a company that will help its industrial clients get best utilization of their WSS assets.