Dobromir Simidchiev

Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors

Dobromir SimidchievDobromir Simidchiev is an internationally recognized expert and manager with rich experience in the areas of policy making, strategic and investment planning as well as change management. He is a proven expert in the effective long-term management of assets and engineering services in the water sector.

He also served as a deputy minister of regional development and public works in the period 2011-2014 during three different governments.
Dobromir graduated with honours and academic awards from the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy – Water Supply and Sanitation being his major with specialization in Water Treatment. He is also a master in Business Administration, financial management, from the University of Seattle, USA.
In the early years of his professional career he started as a designer of treatment plants on a number of key projects under ISPA pre-accession programme.

In 2004 Dobromir joined Sofiyska Voda AD on the position of Technical Assistant to the O&M Director where he personally managed a group of projects crucial for the company such as:

  1. Reconstruction and modernization of the sludge treatment facilities of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Kubratovo.
  2. Provision of technical support to Sofia Municipality in the application process under ISPA programme.
  3. Sale of carbon credits based on reduced emissions from WWTP Kubratovo.

Dobromir was praised as an “Employee of the year” for United Utilities Group (parent company of Sofiyska Voda AD) in 2005. In this initial period he covered a number of internal trainings and was nominated for an employee with an individual programme for career development.

In the period 2006-2007 Dobromir undertook a series of management roles in the company including Transport Manager and Repair and Maintenance Manager where he achieved efficiency gains and implemented good H&S practices.

In the period 2007 – 2011 Dobromir held one of the critical senior roles in the company – Investments Director (Capital Works) and for these years the team under him successfully implemented a series of investment projects and practically doubled the levels of investments in 2008 as compared to 2007 and even tripled that in 2009. In 2010 based on the achieved results Dobromir’s team took full responsibility for all technical services of the investment cycle of Sofiyska Voda AD and he himself became part of the team responsible for corporate integration within Veolia Group.

At the end of 2011 Dobromir Simidchiev was invited into the role of Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works where he developed a clear concept for the water reform in the country as well as its staged implementation.

For the period in which Dobromir Simidchiev served as a Deputy Minister he managed to initiate and implement a series of activities crucial for the sector: legislative changes in the Water Act, rules for the WSS associations, an ordinance with the requirements for WSS operators, an ordinance on the sizing, construction and operation of sewer systems, other legislative amendments and a number of other initiatives in the sector.

One of the most important goals in front of Dobromir in the mandates of the three governments was the establishment of a 10-year strategy for the Bulgarian water sector which is being implemented at the moment.

As a result of his efforts, as well as the ones of other experts around him, the reform that had been blocked for a long period finally gained speed. It reached a point of no return that guaranteed its successful completion.

Dobromir left the ministry in 2014 to follow his professional aspirations and continued his career as a CEO of one of the largest infrastructure construction companies in the country. For the short term under his management he took the challenge to create a new image of the company and to build a foundation for better future and clear vision. Dobromir has also chaired FLAG Fund from 2012 onwards, a role he occupies at the moment as well.

In parallel, since July 2014 he has been advising the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works on the water sector reform.

The key role and contribution of Dobromir in HYDROLIA AD will be in transferring the experience and professional competences to the clients of the company on a case-by-case bases as well as building the bridge between businesses and institutions in the WSS sector.