Radoslav Rusev

Member of the Board of Directors

Radoslav RusevManager and consultant in the WSS sector with more than 15 years of experience in operational companies, state administration and, towards the current moment, and active participant in a series of key international projects in the region.

Radoslav Russev holds a BA in business administration from Sofia University, a Diploma in Financial Management from ACCA and faces a forthcoming graduation from an MBA programme at Warwick Business School, UK.

He started his professional career in the water sector in Sofiyska voda AD and in the period 2001 – 2011 held a series of expert and management positions in the company, the roles including management of commercial and operational processes, regulatory and business planning, project management and investment planning. In this it was his initiative to install precision meters on all large customers and apartment blocks in Sofia as well as to restructure the emergency maintenance of the network through implementation of service levels such as response times, repair durations, etc.
Radoslav Russev participated in a number of processes in Sofiyska voda AD related to achieving commercial and operational efficiency including correct metering and water-loss reduction.

In the last couple of years Radoslav Russev actively participates in processes for restructuring and commercial strengthening of WSS operators in the region. In 2012-2013 he managed a similar process in his role of a managing director of Dobrich Water Operator in which he was responsible for thorough restructuring of the company with accent on collection, loss reduction and optimizing electricity consumption.

In 2015 he participated in a World Bank – funded project for restructuring of the water operator in Durres, Albania where he was responsible for a comprehensive review of commercial processes as well as improving operational efficiency. In parallel Radoslav Russev undertook various consultancy projects in the WSS sector in South East Europe oriented again towards increase of operational, commercial and financial efficiency of water companies in Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and Moldova.

For a period of about a year and a half in 2014 and 2015 Radoslav also took a role in the water-sector reform in Bulgaria through sequential assignments as a deputy minister of regional development in the caretaker government in 2014 and as an advisor to the minister in the next regular government.

The core focus of Radoslav in HYDROLIA is the design of complex solutions for the various client cases that combine operational and investment efficiency – investment optimization, reliable models for operations and maintenance combined with in-depth analysis of WSS-related needs and costs.