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Hydrolia AD



The purpose of the company is to help industrial customers better manage both their water resources and their infrastructure. We at Hydrolia AD give you the opportunity to delegate the management of your water assets and facilities to us, thus giving you the opportunity to focus on your core business.

We achieve this through:

  • Contractual maintenance of water infrastructure based on levels of service, achieving reliability.
  • Achieving compliance with technical requirements, good practices and environmental requirements.
  • Integrated corporate and social responsibilities and solutions in the area of water management.
  • Development and management of internal investment programs for water supply and sewerage infrastructure.
  • Complete administrative support, management of relations with institutions, including pools directorates, plumbing operators, municipal and others.
  • The House of Builders, 6, Mihail Tenev street,
    Sofia, 1784
  • +359 2 426 2246
  • office@hydrolia.bg
  • Monday – Friday
    from 09:00 to 17:00