Грижим се за чистотата на природата от 2015 г.
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In the preparation of the current project the presence of an existing PSC in the territory of the site is consistent. Due to the great unevenness in the effluent of waste water in this type of objects of extreme importance for the process is to provide a level equalizer and quality of the inlet LWWTP. The LWWTP itself consists of three lines, each with a capacity of 500 P.E.. Each line includes: primary precipitator/Sludge silo, Biofilter 1st and 2nd degree and secondary precipitator. Each line of the LWWTP provides 1 PCs. Air-blower and 1 pc. Backup for all three lines. El is also foreseen. Full automation of processes.


The advantage of the project is that in addition to the WWTP is built a distribution irrigation network. For the purpose of irrigation, the purified waste water from the
Complex. So besides that there is a great benefit for the environment, the project is also cost-effective as there is no need for discharge.

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