Грижим се за чистотата на природата от 2015 г.
Hydrolia AD




During the implementation of the project, a vacuum rainwater sewer was constructed which would take the rain water from the building by means of special vacuum roof drains, suspended horizontal branches and a minimum number of vertical branches discharging directly into Newly built infrastructural sewerage system. The project covers
Design of vacuum rainwater sewerage of an existing production hall with a total area of over 28 400 m². The installation of a system is foreseen: WAVIN QuickStream PE to be performed in 7 stages.


The WAVIN QuickStream PE system solves the problems with the old sunken sewer network, taking the rainwater from the building by means of special vacuum roof drains. Thus, possible future accidents can easily be detected and removed without stopping the production process. Decreases
The possibility of falling waste materials from the production through the inspection shafts into the sewer and clogging it.

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