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Reconstruction and change of purpose of facilities in an aerobic wastewater treatment plant for the purpose of improving the operational status.


During the reconstruction, a number of actions are carried out to assist in the subsequent operation of the aerobic WWTP:

Percolation the entrance by means of a grid and a sieve.

Replacement of old and dysfunctional stopcocks and floodgates and construction of new pipe connections.

Renovation on the construction of drying feelds and replacement of drainage systems.

Software update (SCADA) and implementation of online monitoring.

Flowmeter repair at the exit of an aerobic step.


The main advantage of the reconstruction of the aerobic WWTP – Kamenitsa is the improvement of efficiency and ease of operation.

The measures taken ensure the safe, reliable and easy operation as well as the flexibility of the process. The burst loads are eliminated and it provides a constant, favorable environment for micro-organisms and a prerequisite for their effective work on reducing the basic pollution indicators.


  • Complete process management for the operation and maintenance of anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment plant
  • Cleaning and video recording of sewage network


The scope of services includes:

Management and operation of aerobic and anaerobic WWTP are the daily activities required for the normal course of microbiological, hydraulic and mechanical processes, as well as activities that maintain facilities in normal operating mode.

Planned activities for the sewer system include the annual cleaning and video recording of a part of the sewer network, with intend to check its condition.

Organization and management of human resources (WWTP operators), supply of materials and spare parts, transportation of waste.

Biogas production and supply as a result of wastewater treatment, biogas is released, which gas is safely be transferred from WWTP to a steam power plant via a special pipe.


Periodic preventive maintenance of the water supply and sewerage infrastructure and the whole range of water supply and sewerage systems and equipment, as well periodic monitoring of key indicators, implementation and maintenance of SCADA and automation of the process lead to efficient operation and sustainable management.

This is due to the contractual support of the water supply and sewerage systems. All of these operations lead to ensuring compliance with the standards set by the control institutions.


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