Грижим се за чистотата на природата от 2015 г.
Hydrolia AD




Optimization of the water supply and sewerage system in order to reduce water losses.


During the implementation of the optimization, we integrate a list of measures in order reduce water losses. Here’s what we did:

Zoning of the water supply network.

Detection of leaks on the water supply network using specialized equipment.

Pressure control on the water supplying network.

Construction of water meter shafts.

Replacement of water pipes and shut-off valves.


Despite the agreed ambitious goal of 1,000 m³ / day loss reduction, the achieved value after the end of optimization is around 1,300 m³ / day. That is done through a series of measures that will have a long-term positive effect on both water quantities and the way in which the network and its manageability is done.


Measurement campaign to identify measures to optimize water consumption.


During the measurement campaign of the site water supply system at the sites Sopot and Iganovo the following actions were carried out:

Site water supply study.

Measurement of consumption.

Analysis of the measurement data, includes making of a balance of water quantities and the water supply system of the plant.

Estimation of water losses divided into 3 categories:

  • Physical loss of water
  • Trade losses of water
  • Inefficiently used water

From the large differences between the calculated losses of water, it can be concluded that the losses of water are a combination of hidden leaks and forgotten water drawers outside working hours.


As a result of the measurements made, unreasonable trends in water consumption were recorded during the hours of the day and days when the production was not functioning.

Hydrolia AD has strong expertise and experience in reducing water losses in networks and facilities. Based on this experience, a program of measures is proposed to be implemented that will guarantee a minimum reduction of 1000 m3 / day.

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