Мрежи и съоръжения

Йовиян Йонков

Мрежи и съоръжения

Yoviyan Yonkov is a master engineer in "Water supply and sewerage", profile "networks and facilities" from the University of Architecture, civil engineering and geodesy. He has over 16 years of experience in the Water and Sewerage sector. He has undergone a number of professional trainings and holds a certificate of professional qualification "economics and management of the Water sector". A proven specialist combines very good engineering training and managerial skills.

Even before graduating in 2003, he joined the "Sofiyska Voda" JSC. Following four years of work in the company's commercial directorate. In 2007 he started working as project manager in the reformed specifically for implementation of the company's significant investment program, Capital Activities Directorate. With this position for five years as part of the team of the Directorate is directly involved in the management of key investment projects.

In this period showed constant professional growth and in 2012 was promoted to senior project manager, while assuming management only the key for the company projects.

The following is a little over two years, during which occupies the position of construction Control Manager, department also directly related to the implementation of investment projects. In this post, besides participating in the realization of the investment program of the company accumulated valuable managerial experience and knowledge in the management of a team of 12 Plumbing engineers.

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