Грижим се за чистотата на природата от 2015 г.
Hydrolia AD


What is the future of the state water and sewerage holding and the water supply sector in Bulgaria?

The state-owned water and sewerage holding has not yet started operating, as it will be an extremely serious structure. Serious training, recruitment, etc. is needed. The holding will not operate as a water company, but will finance only projects that will become public property – strategic facilities, water supply pipes, dams, water treatment plants. The decisions that will be made by and in the holding will be subject to daily struggle, but its existence is a step in the right direction.

This was stated this morning by Dobromir Simidchiev, former Deputy Minister of Regional Development, owner and executive director of Hydrolia AD, in the show “Business Start” hosted by Hristo Nikolov.
The interview also touched on topics such as: The crisis in Pernik; The danger of water regimes everywhere in the country; The draft law of the regional ministry aimed at the water supply and sewerage sector.
You can see the video here.

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