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The correct approach in the pre-investment research of Plumbing systems is of utmost importance

The preparation of the regional pre-investment studies of the Plumbing systems is completed. The results of these studies show clarity on where and how much to invest. The completion of these projects is in some sense a success, as the approach has always been municipal and much more fragmented. Now you can talk about a correct approach.

-That's what Eng said. Dobromir Simidchiev, Director of "Seaplia" and former deputy minister of Regional Development and public works, in the "Business start" show with leading Zhivka Popatansova.

Simidchiev pointed out that the Water and Sewerage operators are due to apply in the operational programme "Environment", as it is a sponsor of these projects.

Before applying, it was a competitive principle. As of now the process has been improved, pre-puddles are the funds and it is already known that these Plumbing will be beneficiaries. They will most likely be approved and tendering procedures will be organised for these processes.

According to the guest the application will be a fact within a few months and then depends on when it will be approved. He predicted that real action could start in the second half of 2019.

The guest pointed out that the investments would be allocated mainly to achieving compliance with the Urban waste Water Directive:

Most of the funds will be invested in the construction of sewage and wastewater treatment plants. Less of the amount will be invested for the rehabilitation of water pipelines and water supply weapons.

Simichiev also said that in the large settlements it was mainly talked about the completion of the sewerage network. This program will be directed precisely to these places.

The next step is the medium-sized populated areas. They are almost 200 in Bulgaria. Many of them do not have wastewater treatment plants.

See the whole conversation in the video.
TV Bloomberg, 24.07.2018:

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