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Dobromir Simidchiev on problems in the water sector

On the hot problem with uranium in the water, Mr. Simidchiev noted:

When a water source is compromised there are two options – to remove pollution, which is often a slow, complex and quite costly process or to build alternative water sources. However, in this case, even with new water sources, the problem may remain, as it is about the consequences of the closure of uranium mines and the absence of a series of correct measures to overcome the negative effects. But the question is not so technical. Rather, it refers to how this information communicates. Transparency and open telling of the problems is important so that there is no hysteria among the citizens. When there is criticality on the part of the consumers, solutions to the problems that distinguishes Western societies are also found, and some of them are us. Open societies define their priorities more correctly and also guide their funds towards them.

The second question was about regional policy. How to deal with regional inequality? Mr. Simidchiev said that there is still no consensus on the right policies for regional development.

Whether to invest in connectivity, or in innovation, either in human resources or in employment. Probably the answer is complex and there is no easy recipe. If you look at the side, you really should have the few investments that we have to move towards southern Bulgaria – there are twice as many people, the connecting corridors with Turkey and Greece. In the last programming period 2014-2020 is invested in fewer places, but more complex. This will lead to a difference that can not be seen only in an investment, as is the bridge of the river. Danube in the town of Vidin. We will also move to projects that generate economic growth. The activity of the local government is absolutely crucial.

TV Bloomberg, 28.04.2017:

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