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Interview with Eng. Blagoy Kozarev, Director general of Raikommerce Construction EAD, member of the BOARD of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and deputy chairman of the Bulgarian Water Association.

Ing. Kozarev, the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria (BCC) and the Bulgarian Water Association (BWA) organized a forum "the development of the activity of" BWA quality label ". What did it have to do?

Several reasons to organize a similar forum. First and foremost at this moment it is of utmost importance that the Chamber once again declares its commitment and great concern on issues related to the quality of the construction activities in the Plumbing projects. The huge volume of European funds absorbed in the last few years and the short deadlines for implementation of the projects under the operational Programme "Environment" (OPC) caused the contracting entities to the quality of the works performed. Some of them are well-founded and others do not. Perhaps we as builders are guilty of poor quality, but we should not neglect the factor, what are the inputs. Very often the Bulgarian market is supplied with dubious qualities and although they are accompanied by required certificates and documents of compliance, when incorporation in the construction works it turns out that the quality of the finished product is violated. In these cases the negative image remains entirely at the expense of the builder, without affecting the inevitable costs and losses we tolerate.

The whole interview can be found in the "Builder", 11.02.2016 G.

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