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Sixth annual Water Conference: Water Solutions for industry-new business models and technologies

The Sixth annual Water Conference, organized by capital with the partnership of Hydrolia AD, took place on May 16, 2017. In Hotel Balkan, Obzor Sofia. The focus of the conference this year was the defining importance of the Plumbing solutions for the industry, with new business models and technologies being considered during the three discussion panels.

The Conference established itself as a traditional event in the water sector in Bulgaria, which is organized with the active cooperation of Mr. Dobromir Simidchiev, CEO of Hydrolia JSC. Its aim is to present the latest trends in the industry.

Among the official guests at the opening of the Conference were Mr Neno Dimov, Minister of Environment and Water, and Mr. Nikolay Nankov, Minister of Regional Development and urban planning.

The first panel discussed the different perspectives of the industry to water, as well as the perspective of the supplier in the face of Arnaud Valto, CEO of Sofiyska Voda.

The second discussion panel discussed new business models for water management

Momchil Zhivkov, a partner in Eurolex Bulgaria, took part in the discussion, which examined the legal aspects of the exported management of the water resources.

One of the interesting topics in the second panel was the idea of creating platforms for the transfer of good practices, especially in the field of circular industry and ecology, generated in the Nordic countries, and in particular Norway Mrs. Madlena Vladimirova, Director of Green Business Norway in Bulgaria, presented the activity and ideology of the Norwegian organization. Special attention was paid to: products with high added value, as a result of the treatment of organic waste presented by Yarl Spandow, CEO of Multivector Group, a Norwegian company, member of Green Business Norway. He gave concrete examples of completed projects in various productions where organic waste is processed to be reused as a new product. Multivector Group technology could be implemented in many industries, including hospitality and restaurants – where organic waste could be dried by special technology and the remainder used in Agriculture.

Third panel discussion – Technological solutions for the sector – water monitoring, purification and recycling, pumping intensity, etc.

The technologies in the Plumbing industry are fundamentally different from the public sector

-With this message began the moderator of the discussion Radoslav Rusev, member of the Board of Directors, Hydrolia JSC. In the last part were presented real solutions, trends and guidelines, applicable to the Plumbing in the industry, which turned the third panel into a peculiar epicenter of the annual water Conference. Here's how the individual presentations were distinguished:

Cubiko: Monitoring is of paramount importance in the operation of Plumbing in the industry

Ing. Dobromir Moldozanov, CEO of Kybiko, put a strong emphasis on the added value that an effectively established monitoring system provides in the management of critical Plumbing infrastructure. He gave two concrete examples where the visually shows how good practices in the public Water sector can be successfully applied in the industrial sector. In the first example, it showed how poor knowledge of the enterprise's network brings indirect losses to the client and, in the second, how the lack of objective monitoring leads to direct losses.

Hydrolia: Outsourcing is a model that allows us to offer comprehensive services of the highest quality

The next participant, Eng. Nikolay Nikolov, wastewater management and waste water treatment Manager, Hydrolia JSC, United in its presentation the trends in wastewater treatment worldwide and the situation in Bulgaria.

Our pride is the rich experience of the specialists in Hydrolia JSC in operation. Thanks to outsourcing we can provide a wide range of quality services to our customers. At the same time, we carry single responsibility as a company. This includes the main advantage of the market for the young company Hydrolia JSC.

-he told.

We must not forget that wastewater treatment is important not only for ecology and the environment, but leads to prevention for the health of the population

-Emphasized Eng. Nikolov also drew attention to the fact that in addition to modern enterprises with high-tech wastewater treatment facilities There are still productions with obsolete local wastewater treatment plants or even those that do not process their wastewater at all. As a reason, the reduced control by the state regulatory authorities was emphasised.

The tendency is to look at wastewater as a raw material. The global leader in re-use of water is Israel, where nearly 86% of the waste amounts of water are re-invested in certain industries. The scientific advances already offer all sorts of ways of purification, but the question is no longer how, but how much it will cost

-summed up the representative of Hydrolia AD.

Outsourcing is the way to develop a Plumbing for the industry

Link to the capital material for the conference:

Information will also be found at: www. Engineer. bg

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