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Dobromir Simidchiev: There are spare moves regarding Kamchia Dam

Today in the program “12 + 3” of Radio Horizont, the CEO of “HYDROLIA” AD was invited to speak about the topic regarding the level drop of “Kamchia” dam and its consequences.

Dobromir Simidchiev, former Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Regional Development in two governments and now a member of the Bulgarian Water Association, stated in front of the Bulgarian National Radio the following in regards of the forecasted water crisis in Burgas region:

People who manage dams and infrastructure need to set out a clear action plan. There are spare moves regarding the Kamchia dam. Its level is low, but it is not unprecedentedly low. At the end of October 2007, the dam level was similar to its current one. It depends on what the winter will be like. Even in dry winter and spring we can do something, we need an emergency plan.

According to Dobromir Simidchiev, attention should be paid to the daily operation and the way the service is provided:

Water losses are quite high. If efficiency is pursued there, we would rarely come to such situations. Water companies operate in an environment that places them in local political dependencies. This is a problem since they do not operate as competing companies, but are often used. This happens locally.

You can hear the whole interview here.

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