Грижим се за чистотата на природата от 2015 г.
Hydrolia AD


For the bridges between biotechnology and water

In its third edition the Biotech Atelier invited Hydrolia AD for a competence partner in organizing the Biotechnologies and Water module (this coming Friday, 25.09 – 3 pm Eastern European Time).

The purpose of the module is to outline certain bridges between biotechnologies and water such as:

  • Development of the water quality testing technologies (both on the potable and wastewater side) with an emphasis on microbiological and genetic testing
  • The information that we can derive from wastewater: antimicrobial resistance, early detection of Covid 19, etc.
  • Water re-use – technologies, standards and projects

The module is online and free for anyone who registers on the website of Biotech Atelier.

Rado Russev from Hydrolia will moderate and the panelists include Teodora Todorova (experienced expert and manager from the WSS sector), Prof. Atanas Atanasov (founder and manager of the Joint Genomic Centre), Norbert Kreuzinger (leading researcher in the area of water quality in TU Wien) and Dr. Josef Lahnsteiner (R&D Director in Wabag).

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