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Governance is a battle between the desire for control and delegation of rights

The management of each business is a constant battle between the natural desire of a person to control and delegate rights, said Dobromir Simidchiev, owner and use. Dir. of “Seaplia”, in the show “business Meeting” with presenter Tanya Krasteva.

Hydrolia was founded in 2015 by several former employees of Sofiyska Voda. The company operates across the country.

The company is built in the manner of the large private western Water Supply operators.

The large private operators, mainly French and Spanish, have, by 2020 year, the aim of their revenues to be 50/50 in proportion to private to public customers.

However, we do not work with public customers at this stage.

The company aims long-term partnerships, said Simidchiev.

We have been successful among the industries related to the fast-moving, food-processing goods.. These are companies using a significant amount of water or those that find the cost of water relatively expensive, or for which the processing facilities of this water are expensive and complex.

Sfrev Simidchiev, who is a former deputy minister of regional Development “a narrow place” for the industry is the purification of waste water.

This requires more competence, higher operating costs.

-he said.

The management of each business is a constant battle between the natural desire of a person to control and delegate.

We are not a big company yet and we have the luxury of selecting our people carefully.

Public operators, builders, design companies are experiencing serious difficulties in the selection of personnel on the ground.

We rely on a higher degree of automation.

Between 6 months and a year is the period in which one of our employees can become independent and to perform intermediate level in complexity projects. 3-4 are needed for an average managerial position.

Hydrolia examines neighbouring markets in Romania, Greece and Serbia, through international customers and expects concrete steps next year.

TV Bloomberg, 23.10.2018:

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