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Green areas can protect us from the floods in the future

In Bulgaria we need to rethink the way we take water and the way we retain them. There are good practices from abroad that we can draw on.

-That's what Eng said. Dobromir Simidchiev, CEO of the Company "Hydrolia" and former deputy minister of Regional Development and public works, in the show "business start" with leading Hristo Nikolov.

The guest gave an example of solving the problem in the UK and Germany:

In London, a 6-year project is running, costing 4.2 billion. Pounds to solve this issue. I mean, the decisions are cheap and they're not simple. /…/It will cost British citizens about 80 pounds per household per year. This is one way-with large infrastructure projects.

The other is an example from Dresden, where they bet on T. Pomegranate. Green infrastructure, i.e. to keep water in all ways – through green roofs, playgrounds, alleys.

My call to the municipality and to all who have an attitude is to solve and stimulate such green areas, because for me it is probably the only solution. Building large infrastructures will solve the problem somewhat, but it is extremely complicated, costly and creates other problems.

In Sofia, the green system is well developed in terms of number of parks, but green infrastructure is what we need to develop.

The flood of the beginning of the week, which flooded over 900 buildings, subway stations and subways in the capital, surprised with its intensity and duration.

-Add Eng. Simidchiev.

In his words, sewage has worked well, but the many wastes on the streets have contributed to its clogging. From this point of view, guilt should be sought in all those who dispose of waste, not only in the municipality.

Why the funds allocated by the State to cover the damage from disasters reach the victims so slow and other important issues see in the video.
TV Bloomberg, 20.06.2018:

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