Грижим се за чистотата на природата от 2015 г.
Hydrolia AD


The Managing Authority of OPIC approved for financing the project proposal of HYDROLIA AD under the procedure “SUPPORT OF MICRO AND SMALL ENTERPRISES FOR OVERCOMING THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE PANDEMIC COVID-19”

The Managing Authority of the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness” 2014-2020 (OPIC) approved the project proposal of “HYDROLIA” AD under procedure BG16RFOP002-2.073 “Support to micro and small enterprises to overcome the economic consequences of the pandemic COVID-19”.

TOTAL VALUE OF THE FINANCING: BGN 10,000, of which BGN 8,500 European and BGN 1,500 national co-financing.


END OF PROJECT: 30.12.2020

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