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The theft of water is a criminalised action and is punishable by up to several thousand leva

The theft of water is a criminalised activity and is punished by the water supply system over the illegal deviation for one year back. In the smallest diameter of the pipes this is a quantity worth several thousand leva. The new sanctions under the rules in the regulation proposed in public deliberation-for reporting and connection to the water supply network.

-commented Dobromir Simidchiev, former deputy regional minister, CEO of "Hydrolia", in the show "business start" with leading Hristo Nikolov.

These provisions also exist at the moment, this is about strengthening the control over their implementation. When a problem is identified, the legislator increases the sanctions.

The deviation for the theft of water is criminalised action. When such a water deviation is found, the operator is obliged to charge the amount of water passed through the facility for one year back, and these are several thousand leva. Besides the charging of this quantity will be interrupted and the deviation.

Even in electricity, as in water, statistics show that thefts are distributed across all social strata.

-commented Simidchiev. Even per capita in the middle layers are at least, but in minority groups and in that of users of the higher standard of living they have a higher share. It can not be said that they are concentrated in only one minority group.

The problems of water supply and the use of waters are many, they are not related only to thefts, and sometimes to the accurate reading of water. This is what the ordinance wants to solve – to improve the way this is happening, the guest said.

There are 2 basic principles that take into account the water in buildings with total consumption. In the western part of Europe, the operator has no work in the building itself. Even in large blocks, it reaches the common water meter. From there it is a decision of the condominium how to allocate the bills for water. The other is the principle of individual water meters.

In Sofia – with 1.5 million euro. Residents, water supply is reported at about 500 thousand. Customer, or lots, the guest reported. In a city like Tallinn, which is 3 times smaller than Sofia, there should be about 150 thousand. End-users, and they are 18 thousand.

The operator does not enter the apartments at all. We from a socialist time, when the state was expected to solve all the issues, we have allowed to have individual water meters. We lost the spirit from the bottle and now the return is impossible. And people think that their responsibility goes to their individual water meter, but it only serves to allocate the total quantity. They have an attitude with the operator, but in practice they participate in the distribution of water throughout the building and if there are disputes, they should solve them.

The Ordinance proposed for public consultation encourages people to have individual water meters with remote reading. Buying them is not a problem and there are almost no others on the market, Simidchiev pointed out.

There is always some difference between the general water meter and the one reported by the individual, which is accepted to be called "General needs". So far, the distribution of "common needs" was becoming proportional to customer consumption – not quite a fair principle. It is a matter of consumption in basements, in inter-storey spaces and is not based on the consumption of water meters. The ordinance punishes people who have not secured access, and stimulates people who are flawless.

To replace once every 10 years the water meters provides for more ordinance. The punishment is directing the general accounts to the outstanding water meters.

Since the cost of water is not the highest costs, the lack of the issue has led to the fact that 10% of the population does not have individual water meters. They are mainly in large and in older apartment blocks.

More about the Ordinance – Watch in the video.
TV Bloomberg, 27.09.2018:

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