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World water day 2021

The theme of World Water Day this year is “Valuing Water” thus forcing everyone to think about what water means to him.

This question will meet answers by the people who make HYDROLIA what it is today.

Recently when the pandemic of Covid 19 hadn’t still entered our daily lives and the whole country constantly monitored the situation in Pernik and the suffering of the people, caused by the lack of water in the Studena dam, I had the opportunity to say the following at the national television: “The one who doesn’t understand that a water crisis has deep social, economic, environmental and domestic consequences, then he simply did not have any clear idea of the importance of the sector!”

Water is one of those things in our environment that no one notices when everything is fine, but the moment it is gone, we suddenly realize its value. As I’ve said “value”– what is the value of water? What is the value of water for one person, who recovers after a severe flood? What is the value of water for a thirsty man in the desert? What is the value of water for a profitable enterprise that needs water to work, but there is none?

In the modern way of life, it’s not water which is most important, but the infrastructure, which takes care of its storage, treatment, transportation, distribution, decontamination, drainage, flood protection. This is our focus – the care of the water is done through the care of the facilities, which deliver it where necessary, in the needed quantity at the right time! Take care of water, so it should be our friend, not our enemy!

Dobromir Simidchiev



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