HYDROLIA AD is covering the specific needs of each customer for efficient management and integrated maintenance of the existing water supply and sanitation assets.

  • Because this is how you focus on your core business and leave care for your water and sewage processes to your trusted partner
  • Because “water” is a Top 3 risk for most companies (Davos Economic Forum) and you need complex regard to water sources, facility management, treatment and all environmental aspects
  • Because water and sewage activities for many industries mean significant capital and operating costs, but even more significant are the costs to your business that arise from the risks of waterlessness or flood In 9 out of 10 cases, we can save some of that cost
  • Because a reliable external partner means better control
  • Because for us, water management is what your core business is for you

We Are Hydrolia AD

Our company unites the vast experience of established experts from the water sector and combines their deep knowledge in order to support the processes of water services management. This includes analysis, design, construction, installation and maintenance of equipment, as well as application of specific technologies for long- term operations of the existing water assets.

We are building an entirely new partnership model for the sustainable management of water and sewerage networks and services for the most significant industrial customers in our country and in the region.

We offer integrated solutions and services for the operation and maintenance of water supply and sewerage assets and processes, including related activities for analysis, planning, construction and project management.


Our Vision

To become regional water operator with tailor-made solutions for efficient management and development of industrial water supply and sanitation systems.


Our Mission

To manage responsibly the water supply and sanitation assets of our customers.


Our Values

  • Useful
  • Open
  • Adaptive
  • Correct
  • Creative

Why Choosing Us

To manage responsibly the water supply and sanitation assets of our customers.

And more:


We offer complexity

From technical support to full environmental and regulatory compliance.


We take all the risk

If irregularities are registered at the treatment plant by the inspection bodies, we take responsibility.


We save you money

We reduce the cost of water supply and sewerage facilities and increase their efficiency.