Affiliate Business Models

  • Subscription Services, Monitoring, Maintenance, Emergency Response and Full Support for Water Asset Management Processes
  • Execution of investment projects and subsequent operation
  • Guaranteed performance contracts to introduce “levels of service” and achieve operational savings
  • Individual solutions, including financing options
  • Full outsourcing

Raicommerce Construction JSC

Raicommerce Construction JSC has its main objects and scope of business construction of water and sewage networks, buildings and facilities.

Water Enviro Project ltd

The company is engaged in strategy/strategic planning, pre-investment studies, financial, economic and regulatory analysis. It also prepares conceptual projects, technical projects, work projects and last but not least provides on-site supervision/Author supervision/.



Qubiqo is an engineering company focused on the water supply and sewerage systems sector. We are experts with extensive national and international experience in the management of water supply and sewerage systems, combined with knowledge of the latest measurement and analysis technologies.