Грижим се за чистотата на природата от 2015 г.
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Governance is a battle between the desire for control and delegation of rights

The management of each business is a constant battle between the natural desire of a person to control and delegate rights, said Dobromir Simidchiev, owner and use. Dir. of “Seaplia”, in the show “business Meeting” with presenter Tanya Krasteva. Hydrolia was founded in 2015 by several former employees of Sofiyska Voda. The company operates across

The theft of water is a criminalised action and is punishable by up to several thousand leva

The theft of water is a criminalised activity and is punished by the water supply system over the illegal deviation for one year back. In the smallest diameter of the pipes this is a quantity worth several thousand leva. The new sanctions under the rules in the regulation proposed in public deliberation-for reporting and connection

Green areas can protect us from the floods in the future

In Bulgaria we need to rethink the way we take water and the way we retain them. There are good practices from abroad that we can draw on. -That's what Eng said. Dobromir Simidchiev, CEO of the Company "Hydrolia" and former deputy minister of Regional Development and public works, in the show "business start" with

Innovative financing of the water sector

The situation is not very good in terms of funding in the water sector and despite the enormous efforts of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and the Ministry of Environment and Water, there is still a large shortage. -That said the former deputy Minister of Regional Development Dobromir Simidchiev on the air

Give me your water

The First Bulgarian company, founded by five shareholders "Hydrolia", offers to take care of the water resources of private companies -The service is new and unfamiliar, but the owners expect a 10-fold increase in business for this year. -The offer of the young company is to take the Plumbing tasks-from maintenance of water pipelines and

Sixth annual Water Conference: Water Solutions for industry-new business models and technologies

The Sixth annual Water Conference, organized by capital with the partnership of Hydrolia AD, took place on May 16, 2017. In Hotel Balkan, Obzor Sofia. The focus of the conference this year was the defining importance of the Plumbing solutions for the industry, with new business models and technologies being considered during the three discussion

Dobromir Simidchiev on problems in the water sector

On the hot problem with uranium in the water, Mr. Simidchiev noted: When a water source is compromised there are two options – to remove pollution, which is often a slow, complex and quite costly process or to build alternative water sources. However, in this case, even with new water sources, the problem may remain,

Dobromir Simidchiev on Water and Sewerage reforms

Mr. Simidchiev in the first place gave a global picture of the situation in Bulgaria. We have 265 municipalities, as they are small, medium and large. Large municipalities are doing well because they have good revenues, are coursed by large commercial banks and by international funds, meaning they have no problem with their credit rating.