Member of the Board of Directors

Dimitar Ivanov

Member of the Board of Directors

Dimitar Ivanov is an entrepreneur with business education and experience in project management and business development in international environment General manager, shareholder and one of the founders of WATO – an innovative engineering-and-production company that offers opportunities for optimisation and improved efficiency in the water sector globally. The company offers practical and simplified solutions and products that increase the efficiency of WSS infrastructure.

Dimitar started his professional development at the age of twenty-one in a company focused on global projects in the area of media and business information. That provided him with an opportunity to work with the biggest companies in the media world – Reuters and Dow Jones. For eight years he sequentially covered a series of key positions and became a member of the senior management team responsible for business development. He was among the founders of a sizeable project for an in-house information agency covering South East Europe – The experience and the knowledge he gained in the beginning of his career proved to be a vital and stable foundation for his future development.

In 2008 he joined the team of one of the large commercial companies in the water sector in Bulgaria. For a period of two years he participated directly in the processes of restructuring, organizational development, establishment of commercial policies and planning. It was exactly in this period that Dimitar Ivanov understood the potential of creating high-quality products and services tailored for efficiency increase in the WSS sector. Due to the experience and entrepreneurial approach of his partners he had the opportunity to found WATO and to enter the water sector. Within WATO he got engaged in a series of projects in Bulgaria, the Balkans and Russia. The aim of all these projects was the efficiency increase in water-network management through the combination of engineering approaches, products and services.

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