Business Development Manager

Radoslav Zlatkov

Business Development Manager

Radoslav Zlatkov is an engineer, graduated from the Technical University of Sofia with specialty electronics. His education is supplemented with “corporate management” and “Project Management” by The Open University of London.

In his career he has more than 17 years of experience in Bulgarian and international water supply companies. He is responsible for the management of the Sofia Water Network. He works in the UK as project management manager for East London and Essex and is then promoted to design and construction manager for East London, Essex, Suffolk and New Castle. Participates as a consultant in projects of the World Bank and IFC.

Ing. Zlatkov has several leadership roles in “Sofiyska Voda”, which is the largest Water and Sewerage operator in Bulgaria.

By the time of Eng. Zlatkov in “Sofiyska Voda” has been developing structural changes and innovations which, besides giving many employees the opportunity to develop and increase their skills, also opens new jobs. On the other hand, innovations optimise processes and reduce response times in case of accidents. It also changes the model of work, which provides a round-the-clock coverage of services.

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